About us

As an established IT company, our philosophy is to take care of you personally and holistically.

We are an established full-service IT contractor based in Berlin. We’re offering our customers professional, proficient, and individual support from a single source. Our philosophy is to take care of you personally and holistically.

What you can expect of us:

  • professional consulting
  • short delivery times
  • clean implementation
  • fast support
  • rectification of malfunctions on site

Our solutions are industry-specific and created for companies from small to large. Owing to our long-time experience, we are able to analyze the structure of your business quickly to show you untapped potentials. We’ll help optimize your IT processes while simultaneously creating sustainable success. And all the time, you, as the customer, are at the center of all our solutions.

Our Team

The Management Team

Lukasz Madeksza


Ever since its foundation, Lukasz Madeksza has run focusnet’s technical team to develop and provide future-oriented products. With his innovative ideas, his broad technological perspective and wealth of experience, he contributes substantially to the company’s success. He is also responsible for issues concerning information security.

Ryszard Szklany


Ryszard Szklany, certified business administrator, is one of the founders of focusnet. He is responsible for the commercial and administrative areas of the company. His management expertise drives focusnet forward in all phases. The constant development of the company and its adaptation to changing parameters are especially important to him.

Michael Fittler


Michael Fittler, certified public administration specialist, is one of the founders of focusnet. He has been building up and shaping the company together with his co-founders ever since its founding day in 2006.
In 2016, he started to establish and develop the cloud services department, which is the company’s core business today.
Every day, his leadership skills, his comprehensive technological knowledge, and his experience contribute to the company’s success, while placing particular importance on sustainable and socially responsible growth.

Dr. Emilia Zbikowska

Back Office Manager

Emilia Zbikowska has a doctorate in biotechnology and has been responsible for all administrative and organizational tasks in the company since 2017. She is supporting the general management in matters of staffing and organization as well as with the execution and supervision of projects.
Issues like sustainability and social justice are especially important to her and influence all parts of her daily work.